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Plus Size Fashion Tips

Posted on: March 17, 2008

Plus Size Fashion Tips
Full-body women do not have to put up with dull-colored boring clothes that used to be considered suitable for curvy women.
I’ve read somewhere that more than a half of the American women are size 14 and more. Plus size clothing is the largest part of the garment market and virtually all clothing stores have plus size section. It’s a good news because larger women should always be more careful when they shop for clothes than their skinny sisters.
Pay special attention to your support underwear. Good support bra and proper undergarment are a must.
Dress in one color. Monochrome colors will help you look slimmer.
Wear your actual size, not to tight or too loose.
Avoid the fashionable low-rise pants.
Do not wear shimmering clothes as they draw attention to the curves.
You can still wear fashionable accessories, shawls and scarves as they will only complement your clothes.

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